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Spoiled Bird Toys - Manzanita Parrot Playstands, Parrot Toys,Parrot Food,Parrot Gyms,Hand Raised Babies

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Spoiled Bird Toys creates unique items for your pet bird and you.

Manzanita Play Stands 
Manzanita is a very hard wood that grows naturally in the mountains of California. We take this naturally grown, bird safe, and durable wood to create unique play stands and toys for birds. Our stands and toys have been tested to be a safe and fun place for your bird.

Unlike other on-line stores, where you may get a play stand that may look something (but not quite) like the one pictured, at Spoiled Bird Toys, you get the one in the picture. Each stand is unique, taking advantage of the natural shape and beauty of the wood. You pick the one you want and that is what you get. We will even make custom stands if you don't see exactly what you want.

Bird Toys
We make our toys from Manzanita and other natural and man-made materials. We have designed them, with our bird's help, to be fun and durable for even large birds. We also carry a line of toys from Lucky Bird Toys, featuring extremely durable acrylic that will stand up to the toughest birds.

Bird Shirts and Apparel
For the bird lover, we have t-shirts and other apparel that feature colorful pictures of your favorite birds. Great as a gift for yourself, or for friends that have birds.

We hand raise and sell pet birds as well! Umbrella, Moluccan, Goffins, Lesser Sulpher Crested Cockatoos and Greenwing and Severe Macaws.

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